Freak Slug

Freak Slug is a Manchester/ London based artist. You can feel a sense of nostalgia mixed with melancholic memories listening to her music. Influenced by heavy sounds, the soft melodies of 90's shoe gaze and the rough side of the 60's, her lo-fi, bedroom pop sound exists in a time frame of its own.

Freak slug sifts through collections of peoples’ everyday movements and emotion, fleeting or permanent. Full of dissonant harmonies, sarcastic tones and unexpected turns, the juxtaposition of beauty and ugly are exactly what keeps Freak Slug alive and on your toes. Its got a nonchalant, almost scruffy D.I.Y attitude, switching vocally from heavenly serenades to moody talk as if to herself, whilst unapologetically and honestly spilling her romantic endeavours for whoever to hear.

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